Safety Officer Course

This course is primarily intended for all Deck Officers and Engine Officers who will be responsible for the implementation, maintenance. Monitoring and enhancement of 'safety' on board the ship general as a term

The course can be considered as providing comprehensive shipboard safety officer training for deck officers and engine officers who shall be designed as the ship's Safety Officer.

The topic covered should serve a valuable introduction for those who have little experience as ship's Safety Officer and also as a very useful refresher for the experienced ones. Furthermore, it will serve as an eye-opener on the sensitive roles/functions of a Shipboard Safety Officer.

In the introductory part, the course reviews the ISM code, its objectives and its requirements in order to maintain safe and efficient shipping on clean oceans.

In its subsequent parts, the course deals with the Safety Management System in general, its elaborated contents, and its main purpose in the enhancement of safety standards in the ship's day-to-day operations.

The main part of the course deals with the duties and responsibilities of a Shipboard Safety Officer were some of which has been forgotten and / or taken for granted due to lack awareness on its importance.

Further, the course covers actual risk assessment, identifying causal factors and accident investigation, hazards spotting, auditing of unsafe practices, and conducting safety inspections in detail.

Entry Requirement

In general terms, those wishing to enter this course should be experienced Deck and Engine Officers, but most applies to Management Level Deck Officers and Engine Officers with great responsibilities on board ships. However, taking the course can be an advantage to aspiring Deck and Engine Officers.

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