Engine Team Management

1. Description

The course aims to provide the participants with a synthesis on the complexity of team management in a highly operational situations.

It covers topics on team building, organization and management, situational awareness and effective communication. It also includes analysis of several cases of accidents and incidents at sea.

2. Objective

After successful completion of the course, the participants shall be able to:

develop a team-oriented workplace

create a highly functional organization

value the importance of effective communication

analyze the development of accidents

make a sound decisions during a very demanding situation

3. Entry Requirement

This training course program is open to shipboard personnel of merchant ship of any type under operational or management level of the deck department

4. Course Intake Limitation

The number of participant per each class shall not exceed 24 persons to allow each trainee to benefit from the emphasis of the course.

5. Duration

3 days (18 Hours)

Please contact us for schedules for this course.