Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting And Use Of Arpa

1. Scope

This course aims to provide participants the knowledge, understanding and skills in the basic theory and use of radar and ARPA for officers in charge of a navigational watch.

It covers the guidance on training in radar observation and plotting in the operational use of radar and ARPA.

The course complies with the recommendation(s) in Section B-1/12 of the 2010 Manila amendments to the STCW Code.

2. Objective

After successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

interpret and assess the information obtained from radar and ARPA taking into account the limitations of the equipment and prevailing circumstances and condition.

decide to amend course and/or speed timely and in accordance with accepted navigation practice.

demonstrate the adequate knowledge of the fundamental principles of radar and understanding of the factors that affects the reliability and performance of radar.

3. Entry Requirement

This course is primarily intended for candidates for certification as officers in charge of a navigational watch. Before entering the course, trainees should have completed a minimum period of six months at sea and preferably have gained some experience of bridge watch keeping.

Trainee officers for certification as officer in charge of a navigational watch should have completed a planned and structured programme of training. Shipboard training should include tasks or projects relating to bridge work and watch keeping duties. Instructors may find evidence of the standard attained by trainees in the prospective officer's training record book.

The course would also be of value to others using radar, e.g. those working in such craft as harbour and customs patrol launches, in which case the entry standards may be adjusted to suit the particular circumstances. However, the intake of trainees for each course should normally have similar backgrounds.

4. Course Intake Limitation

Course intake should be limited to not more than two or three trainees per available radar display to allow each trainee sufficient practice in the operation of the equipment.

5. Duration

10 days (60 Hours)

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