Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display And Information System


The course aims to provide the knowledge, skill and understanding of ECDIS and electronic charts to the thorough extent needed to safely navigate vessels whose primary means of navigation is ECDIS. The course emphasizes both the application and learning of ECDIS in a variety of underway contexts.The course covers the STCW in the use of ECDIS as revised by the 2010 Manila Amendments, specifically as these apply to Tables A-II/1, A-II/2 and A-II/3 and also to revised guidelines pertaining to training and assessment in the operational use of ECDIS in Table B-I (paragraphs 36 through 66), assessment in navigational watch keeping and evaluation, of competence, both in Table B-II.The course complies with generic course which requires a structured and complementary on-board ship specific ECDIS familiarization for each shipboard ECDIS system on which the navigating officers serves

Entry Requirement

This course is open to trainees, undertaking this course;have accomplished some formal instruction in Terrestrial Navigation, have at minimum familiarization with visual navigation, have accomplished a period of supervised bridge watch-keeping duties, and have prior completion of basic radar /ARPA (MC 1.07).Trainees should also have considerate familiarization with personal computing operating systems, keyboards and mice or trackballs.
Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation programs shall be considered compliant with this provision.

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