Medical First Aid

1. Scope

This course provides training and guidance to designated personnel who will render immediate first aid in any event of accident or illnesses on board.

It covers topics on toxicological hazards on board, various injuries such as fractures and burns, cardiac arrest, drowning and asphyxia, and pharmacology. It also includes topics on the use of Medical First Aid Guide (MFAG) and medical care of rescued person.

The course complies with the specification of Table A-VI/4-1 of the STCW Code.

2. Objectives

After successful completion of the course candidates will able to:

use medical equipment

apply the proper techniques of sterilization and disinfection

diagnose the illnesses of patients

treat wounds, burns, fractures, shocks, poisoning, and other injuries

apply proper artificial and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

perform emergency rescue and transfer

3. Entry Requirement

For admission to the course seafarers should have completed IMO Model Course No. 1.13, Elementary First Aid or attained a similar standard in elementary first aid.

4. Course Intake Limitation

The maximum number of trainees attending each session will depend on the availability of instructors, equipment and facilities available for conducting the training. It should not exceed six trainees per instructor.

5. Duration

5 days (30 Hours)

Please contact us for schedules for this course.