Medical Care


1. Scope

The course aims to provide training to candidates designated to take charge of medical care to the sick and injured while they remain on board.

It covers topics on diagnosis and identification of symptoms of injuries, vaccination and disinfection. treatment of illnesses and injuries, and aspects of nursing care.  It also includes training on coordination with port health authorities and actual transportation of the ill and injured

This course complies with the specification of Table A-VI/4-2 of the 2010 Manila amendments to the STCW Code.

2. Objectives

             After successful completion of the course, the trainees will be able to:

·         identify symptoms based on clinical examination

·         protect injured person against infection and spread of disease

·         treat injury or condition in accordance with accepted medical practices

·         determine appropriate dosage and application of drugs and medication

·         recognized significant changes of patient's condition

·         prepare patients for evacuation

3.  Entry Requirement

The course is open to masters and chief mates of ships of 200 gross register tons or more who are required by paragraph 13 of the appendix to regulation II/2 of the STCW Convention to have a thorough knowledge of the use of the contents of International Medical Guide for Ships or an equivalent national publication.

Those entering the course should have successfully completed the intermediate level (medical training) course as specified in the IMO/ILO Document for Guidance, 1985. The course is also open to seafarers who have previously completed the Medical Care training course and wish to comply with the recommendation in the IMO/ILO course should be undertaken at intervals of approximately five years.

4.  Course Intake Limitation

Course intake should be limited so that for practical instruction and demonstrations there are no more than six trainees to each instructor.

5.  Duration

5 days (40 Hours) 

Please contact us for schedules for this course.