The course is essentially a practical one, consisting of a series of exercises structured around the operation of a ship'smachinery installation and carried out in conjunction with an ARI ERS V 6.0.The exercises are controlled by an instructor and, initially, allow the trainees to become familiar with the instrumentation and controls used in the engine rooms of modern merchant ships, as well as develop the ability to become skilled in the scanning of instruments displays when assessing the normal operational conditions of engineering plant.
The exercises increase in complexity as the course progresses, as the trainee work through and become familiar with the procedures used for starting up auxiliary and propulsion plants, setting the normal operating condition and keeping an engine room watch. The final exercises deal with the procedures and techniques needed for the location and trouble shooting of faults and mal functions that can occur in an operational plant.

Entry Requirement
This course is open to all marine engineers and electricians who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the operation and control of the machinery installation of a modern merchant ship.The participants watch keeping experience at sea in the engine room of a merchant ship will be enhanced and consolidated by the more formal organized activity of this course.

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