Steering Course

1.  Scope

This course aims to provide participants the knowledge, understanding and skills mandatory for minimum requirements for certification of ratings forming part of a navigational watch.

It also includes the support to Section B-II/4, guidance regarding the training and certification of ratings forming part of a navigational watch.

The course complies with the recommendation(s) of Section A-II/4 of the 2010 Manila amendments to the STCW Code.

2.  Objective

After successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

      • Safely operate limits of ship propulsion, steering and power systems not exceeding in normal manoeuvres.
      • Make adjustments to the ship’s course and speed to maintain safety of navigation.
      • Demonstrate and execute the commands under collision avoidance situations.

3.  Entry Requirement

This course is principally intended for the candidates for certification who are not less than 16 years old and have completed the Basic Safety Course and passed the Ishihara test. Trainees must also be completed the seagoing service including not less than six months training and experience or special training, either pre-sea or on board, including an approved period or seagoing service which shall not be less than two months.

4.  Course Intake Limitation

The course intake shall not be more than 24 trainees.

5.  Duration

3 days (18 Hours)

Please contact us for schedules for this course.