Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator

The course is essentially a practical one and consists of a series of exercises structured around the operation of the cargo and ballast installation of an oil tanker and carried out in conjunction with a simulator.

The exercises are controlled by an instructor and, initially, allow the trainees to become familiar with the layout of the cargo, ballast and slop tanks forming the system and the instrumentation and controls that are used.

The exercises continue with the simulation of the normal procedures and operations for the loading and discharging of cargo, the use of inert gas, crude oil washing, tank cleaning, ballasting and deballasting, tank purging and gas freeing, and, where the simulator design incorporates it, bunkering.

The importance of loading and discharging so as to avoid undue stressing of the hull and the use of 'load on top' procedures to minimize pollution are introduced at appropriate points of the simulator programme.

Each simulator exercise is preceded by a briefing lecture and followed up by a group discussion during which the actions and decisions of the trainees are analysed.

During the series of exercises the trainees will assume specific roles in the cargo or other operation that is being simulated, with one trainee taking the role of the officer in charge of the particular operation being simulated.

Entry Requirement

Entry to the course is open to merchant navy officers who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the operation and control of cargo and ballast operations, and other related operations on oil tankers. The course will provide a more formalized training to consolidate and enhance experience gained from service aboard an oil tanker.

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