Registration Area

This is where our valued clients are greeted and dealt with.


This provides area for research and studies; our library facility is equipped with internal access, publications and articles related to the maritime profession and the industry in general.

Training Room

COMPASS has 23 training rooms of at least 42 sqm each room which is adequate enough to hold comfortably 20-24 course participants.  All fully air-conditioned and installed with latest audio-visual equipment for training ease and convenience.

Full Mission Bridge Simulator

This DNV Type-A Approved ARI Simulator is capable of simulating all environmental conditions from various major ports of call and can be applied to all vessel types. This simulator is available in 270 field of view with complete functionality for ship maneuvering, ship communication, search and rescue and safety.  This is appropriate for training and education of deck crew and officers.

Engine Room Simulator

COMPASS had installed full mission engine simulator for use in various marine engineering related courses.  With installation of ARIs Type-A Approved Engine Simulator COMPASS can deliver training courses related to simulation of propulsion, electrical and auxiliary system for various engine types whether low, medium and high speed engines. 


COMPASS delivers training program for ECDIS as well as associated Radar Simulator courses using IARI Simulator which simulates full functionality of the MARIS-ECDIS 9000.  Both ECDIS and RADAR Simulator courses are under the approval of MARINA in accordance with the requirements of the STCW.

JRC Type-Specific ECDIS

ClassNK approved ECDIS "type specific" training is the course for familiarization of operation of the ECDIS model in use onboard. Vessels are required to install and adopt ECDIS carriage over the next 6 years, both for newly built vessels and those existing, with the requirements due to come into force in July 2012. With models: JAN-901B/701B, 901M/901/701 (Old Model) and JAN-7201/9201 (New Model)


Navisailor 4000 ECDIS is designed in full comliance with IMO performance standards and resolutions. NS 4000 ECDIS is a navigation information system that displays information from navigation sensors on the electronic navigational chart. The system is designed to assist the mariner in route planning and monitoring.

FURUNO Type-Specific ECDIS (FMD 3100/3200/3300)

This course complies with the STCW-2010 IMO Convention Regulation I/6 and section A-VI/6 of the STCW Code concerning the qualifications of instructors.  The training course is designed according to "DNV standard for Certification of Learning Programmes No. 3.201 (May 2005)"

FURUNO Type-Specific ECDIS (FEA 2107/2807)

Fully complying with the performance standard of ECDIS stipulated in IMO resolution MSC.232(82), the new ECDIS is going to be a suitable candidate designated for new installation as well as retrofit to fulfil ECDIS mandatory carriage that is phasing in from July 2012 onward.

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

COMPASS Training Center Inc. with its fully integrated liquid cargo operation simulation can deliver both basic and advanced training courses in cargo operations for Chemical, Product, Oil and Liquefied Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Tankers.

Culinary Training and Assessment Programs

TESDA-accredited services in full compliance with Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006) of the International Labour Organization. Also offering culinary courses.

Maritime and Offshore Training Site

Located in Cavite, this state-of-the-art training site complete with modern amenities and facilities wherein Basic and Advanced safety training courses are conducted.