Mission & Vision


To be the leading and most valued partner of the maritime industry for human resource development recognized globally in imparting the high standards of learning and competence that result to the delivery of excellent performance of all the working personnel in the maritime industry towards the attainment of business success and improvement of the quality of life and preservation of the environment.


To be the most competitive and dynamic training organization for maritime professionals and organizations, to this we commit ourselves to:

  • Design and develop our services in accordance to the highest standards of the industry for human resource development;
  • Employ and engage professionals with the high level of technical proficiency and personal values, display at all times;
  • Provide our customers and trainees with our system for processing with ease and convenience;
  • Always rate ourselves as leading examples of competence and commitment to the seafaring industry endeavours while possessing the good character of professionalism.
  • Increase our business potentials by engaging the customers in a pro-active resource strategy in addressing the arising needs of the industry.


What we strive for:

Society and Environment. We create a supportive learning environment for the trainees and inculcate the culture of safety imbued as personal values to be practiced onboard.

Shareholders & Investors. We engage them in carrying out our business strategies with utmost transparency and implement business program that drives profitability.

Profit & Growth. We strive to develop ourselves to better satisfy our customers, thus, driving us to sustainable business potentials.

Global Recognition. We think, talk and act as a dependable global player worthy to be a partner of the industry as training provider.

What we value:

Employees. We are respectful of our employees inherent traits giving importance between balancing personal and professional life; and support them to achieve individual growth.

Customers. Our ideas and initiatives are geared towards assisting our customers to achieve their business goals and grow together as their valued and reliable partner.

Business Partners. Act towards creating long-term relationship and together we effectively support our customers’ needs.

Quality. Continually meet quality levels expected by our customer in all our undertakings.

Technology. Recognizing our customers ever-changing needs and requirements for efficient and reliable services as we constantly search for technology that best address their expectations.


Customer-Oriented. We think from our customer’s perspective and do things the way our customers would have wanted it done;

First-hand Understanding. We act upon every situation with clear understanding to lessen the risk or error;

Self-Assessment. As we persist to strive to achieve our highest goals, we constantly examine our way of working in an effort to find ways to do things better;

Teamwork. All of us share a common objective in the organization so we work and act responsibly towards common cause and intentions;

Transparency. We operate and do business with openness and fairness.


As we envisioned to be the leading and most valued partner of the maritime industry in human resource development, we at Competent Maritime Professionals and Sea Staff (COMPASS) Training Centre, Inc. shall adhere to the following:

  • Design, develop and deliver value-added training programs to our customers for the enhancement of personnel competence and develop appropriate skills that contribute to an efficient and progressive maritime business operation.
  • Commit ourselves to uphold at all times compliance to the regulatory standards to which are business operations and services are based.
  • To ensure that our business processes and services conform to the satisfaction of our customers while initiating to establish sustainable partnership to the growth and development.
  • Ever practice self-regulation in all our undertakings in order to find and develop a culture of an organization that continually improves its management system and way of working for the best interest of our customers, partners, and the organization.
  • Promote, adapt and still understanding of health, safety, security and environmental issues among our personnel in order to prevent occurrence of risk or accident.