Posted Nov 10, 2010

For the last three weeks from July 27 to August 14, 2010,  Philippine’s top crewing & maritime services companies have been sending their trainee participants to undergo an intensive five (5) day Cargo Handling Simulation training courses being initially offered by COMPASS Training Center for the first time in its new and state of the art training facilities in Manila. The course provides practical and theoretical training for Deck Officers at operational level whose specific duties and responsibilities are related to handling of cargo operations and use of cargo equipment on oil, chemical and product tankers. The training consists of series of exercises perform on COMPASS newly installed Full Mission Cargo Handling Simulator.

Starting last July 27 to 31, 2010, shipping and maritime crewing companies namely PASCOR, Norteam, Ace Navigation, and OSG sent their respective trainees to the Cargo Handling Simulator Training Course for Crude Oil Tanker. While on the 2nd week schedule on August 2-6, 2010 for Cargo Handling Simulator Training Course for Chemical Tanker the following companies, Knutsen (Eagle Clarc), Stolt Nielsen, PTC-NCM, EMS Crew Management, ASM and Norteam brought in their respective trainees.And finally, trainees from TSM, Manila Ship and Alster participated on the third week schedule for Cargo Handling Simulator Training Course for Product Tanker held last August 10-14, 2010.


The three sets of cargo handling simulation courses were each handled by two competent management level officers with vast experience on each type of vessel, one serving as the course instructor while the other officer serves as the training assessor. Each scheduled COMPASS Cargo Handling Simulator training course is designed to be attended at most by eight (8) participants as to allow each trainee to the maximum benefit from the hands-on simulation learning experience provided by the course.


The purpose of the training is to familiarize the candidates on all aspects of crude oil tanker/chemical tanker/product tankers cargo operations and ensure that they can handle a cargo operation watch on board safely and effectively.  Successful trainees of this course should be able to take immediate responsibility for any cargo operation on crude oil tanker/chemical tanker /product tanker.  Deck officers at operational level and management level are given this tanker simulator training, provided they have experienced sea time on similar tankers and have taken part in the similar exercises to those simulated in the course. This encounter with simulated exercises should not be their first experience of such operations.


The three week long preliminary offering of the sets of Cargo Handling Simulation courses by COMPASS Training Center was generally described as a success. The trainee participants themselves valuated the training program and saw it as an excellent training program. At the end of the training program, each participant was awarded a certificate of completion and given an individual evaluation of how the trainees performed in the different competencies required by the course.  


COMPASS Training Center is now accepting enrollment to its Cargo Handling Simulator courses. To know more about the Cargo Handling Simulator Training Programme and how your organization can benefit from it, call COMPASS now for details at (632) 353 5487, 4500138, 528 1035 or email at


COMPASS is leading the way to professional competence.

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