COMPASS Does It Again! Now the 1st Ever DNV-Certified INTERTANKO TOTS Training Center in Asia-Paci

Posted Nov 10, 2010

After the successful DNV audit for TOTS Simulator Training Program.  Capt. Sanjeev Soni (4th from Left) of DNV-Singapore

is flanked with COMPASS executives headed by Mr. Dakila Villanueva, (5th from left) President of Compass Training Center Inc.,


In less than six months after COMPASS successfully passed two consecutive audits from two different bodies, COMPASS scores it again for the third time. Last July 13-15, 2010, in what a significant step forward to the attainment of company’s vision of becoming a globally-recognized and a leading valued partner of the maritime industry ,  COMPASS successfully aced the tedious three-day  audit  to become the first ever DNV-Certified TOTS (Tanker Officers Training Standards by INTERTANKO 2008)  training provider in the  Asia-Pacific region.  The audit was spearheaded by Capt. Sanjeev Soni of DNV-Singapore (Det Norske Veritas).  DNV is the leading and risk management organization providing services such as management system certification and training standards evaluation as one of their major focus of expertise. 

 Prior to the successful audit for the INTERTANKO – TOTS certification, COMPASS was awarded an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems last February 2010 by DNV and in March of the same year, Maritime Training Council of the Philippines has qualified COMPASS as a maritime training center offering the mandatory STCW 78 courses after a successful audit of its training facilities and programs. COMPASS is now a fully DNV-certified INTERTANKO-TOTS Training Center, an added achievement to its very young corporate existence but nonetheless an industry leading & competence-driven initiative.


True to its mission, COMPASS recognizes that maritime training programs are a significant investment both for the seafarer and his sponsoring organization. That is the reason why COMPASS invests in the state of the art technologies and training facilities such as the DNV Type-A approved Integrated Full Bridge System simulator, an Engine Room Simulator and a fully functional Liquid Cargo Handling Operations for Tankers facilities. COMPASS Training simulators are all supplied by an India-based ARI (Applied Research International), one of the leading global suppliers offering a portfolio of simulation technologies to enterprises. 

After an extensive DNV verification process of compliance toward the INTERTANKO-TOTS standard, soon COMPASS shall receive its certification from DNV-Singapore to run TOTS simulator courses and verification exercises geared towards officers’ continual development. The certification enables COMPASS to provide an unparalleled training service for tanker operators by providing the standard and minimum requirements for tanker training courses for their crews through the STCW courses. While simultaneously, COMPASS raises the bar as it goes far and beyond satisfying minimum requirements by focusing on competence as a strategic tool by offering a DNV-Certified INTERTANKO-TOTS to its training portfolio.


TOTS (Tanker Officer Training Standards) offers training and verification of core competency, providing the industry with a standard that ensures tanker officer competence through onboard and shore training, evaluating knowledge gained as a result of time in rank and time with company. Simulator training is a crucial part of this training, enabling officers to train more effectively during their time ashore.


COMPASS is approved to operate the following TOTS Training Courses:

• Module 4A, Chemical Tanker Simulator Training
• Module 4B, Chemical Tanker Simulator Verification
• Module 4C, Product Tanker Simulator Training
• Module 4D, Product Tanker Simulator Verification
• Module 4E, Crude Oil Tanker Simulator Training
• Module 4F, Crude Oil Tanker Simulator Verification

Know more about COMPASS INTERTANKO-TOTS Simulator Training Programme and how your organization can benefit from it; Call COMPASS now at (632) 353 5487, 4500138,

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COMPAS is leading the way to professional competence.

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