COMPASS Training Center Expands Course Offerings for 2011

Posted Jan 22, 2011

Consistent to its mission of proving quality training programs to the maritime industry, Competent Maritime Professionals and Sea Staff Training Center Inc (COMPASS) opens the year 2011 with the introduction of a new batch of industry-specific training courses which will be available to its client starting this coming last week of January 2011. This batch of training courses complements the ever changing and specific requirements of the maritime industry particularly in the development of highly skilled and competent merchant marine professionals and sea staffs.

COMPASS Training Center Inc provides various training courses in accordance to the requirements stated in the STWC 78 as amended. Its training portfolio caters to the broad spectrum of sea faring professionals from sea staffs to officer level working on board on all types of vessels including LNG/LPG Carriers, Dry/Bulk Cargo Vessels, and Container and Offshore vessels.  The company envisions a maritime industry where all merchant vessels around the world are manned with competent and dedicated marine professionals and sea staffs.  That is why COMPASS continues to develop and deliver sustainable and value adding training programs that ensure that the possibility of achieving that grand vision of safer sea in the future.

Here is the list of new program offerings from COMPASS for 2011.


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker Familiarization Course

The course is based on underpinning knowledge to the SIGTTO standards and LNG shipping suggested competency standards which closed the competence-gap in familiarization and understanding of LNG transportation requirements. The course which provides training for seafarers and officers who are to be assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo, cargo equipment and operation on LNG tanker.   This course allows the trainees to gain a thorough understanding of safe and efficient LNG tanker operations through a familiarization training program which includes the characteristics of LNG cargo, their associated hazards, safety measures, pollution prevention, emergency operations, cargo equipment and operations.  This course is conducted for a total of 24 hrs.


Ship Handling & Maneuvering Course

Another course that COMPASS offers for 2011 is the Ship Handling & Maneuvering which is purposely designed for junior and senior officers including maritime pilots whose specific duties and responsibilities are related to navigational watch on board vessel. The course is essentially encompasses the most of the important principles and techniques on how to safely and efficiently handle the vessel. The course consists mainly of practical and series of hands-on exercises performed on a COMPASS Full Mission Bridge simulator and is coupled with classroom theoretical lectures.  Several of the key benefits that an officer gains after successfully completing the program are the following; a comprehensive understanding and improved ability in the control of the ship when maneuvering in confined waters, anchoring, docking and undocking, emergency situations, with ship pilots, ship and tug interaction and channel effects.  The course is conducted for a total of 30 hours.


MARLINS English Language Tests

With most of the world’s international seafarers coming from the Philippines, it is of major importance that Filipino maritime professionals sustain and improve their ability to speak the language that the world understands, English.  In view of this, COMPASS introduces the MARLINS English Language Tests.  Marlins is the leading brand in training solutions for the shipping industry, through its Marlins Online tests, employers can now assess the ability of the candidates to read, pronounce, recognize and understand texts and images taken from a wide range of sources, including real situations related and unrelated to the maritime industry. The results can be used as a basis for planning subsequent language training programs. The following are the maritime industry specific online tests developed by Marlins

1.    ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers

2.    Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff

3.    Marlins English Language test for Offshore Workers

COMPASS Training Center is now accepting enrollment and reservations to its new course offering. To know more about a particular course program and how your organization can benefit from it, call COMPASS for details at (632) 356-2368, 4500138, 528 1035 or email at


COMPASS is leading the way to professional competence.

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