COMPASS Training Center Inc. launches the pilot run of Train the Shipboard Trainer

Posted Apr 20, 2011

One of the services that COMPASS Training Center Inc. offers to its clientele is customization of company specific training programs.  In this manner they would be able to attend the particular need of their trainees, as well as helping them to be fully equipped not only on technical aspects but also in terms of social skills.  As a result, when the top management of BW Shipping Lines felt the need of strengthening the key roles of their department heads and chief steward to their training capabilities; they seek the assistance of COMPASS to come up with a tailored fit program that would concentrate on this demand.

BW’s top management aims a training program that would discuss to their shipboard’s trainers how to monitor the training implementation and assessment of their cadets and trainee ratings.  In addition, they would like a structured and a clear guide in communicating job orders and how to handle situations that will evident their role as a leader.  Given that one of the existing services of COMPASS is to provide customized training courses, their Training Team was able to come up with a behavioural course addressing every little particulars of BW’s requirements.

“Train the Shipboard Trainer” is a 4 day training course which deals with developing skills about Leadership, Communication and People handling.  The learning event was designed by the group of C/M Angelo Jay Jacobo and the pilot run was conducted by Capt. Ricardo Miranda at Compass Training Center, Taft Ave. Manila last April 5 – 8, 2011.  Mr. Victor Lovero who is the Asst. Competency Manager for the said shipping line also graced the opening of the training program.

Some of the participants are ship board trainers with a rank of Chief Mate, 2nd and 3rd engineer, others are Bosun and Chief Steward.  They gave a satisfactory evaluation to the course as well as to their trainer.  Evident to this, some of the participant commented “I will recommend this course to the other crew in BW Shipping who are assigned in LPG Vessels” and “Course is applicable to my work and must be recommended to all crew who are working in multi-cultural ships”.  Aside from being fulfilled from the lecture, they were also impressed with the facility that COMPASS Training Center has.  Others commented:  “Facilities are good and has a very good learning environment” and “I hope that my future trainings will be here at COMPASS, I will recommend this training school to my fellow seafarers”.

Given this response from their valued clients, COMPASS reached again another milestone on its goal in providing quality training to all seafarers not only here in our country but to the whole globe as well.  For request on customized training and other information about their courses.   You may email them at

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