Posted Oct 12, 2011

COMPASS Training Center, Inc. has recently hosted the first ever conduct of the Danish Medical Care in the Philippines.  After a month long preparation and acquisition of required equipment needed for this special course, the pilot class commenced last August 29, 2011 and it was a huge success.

The class was joined in by twelve (12) participants coming from TORM Philippines and the group was divided into two (2). The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) sent two (2) of their medical employees, Mr. Rene Gyaard and Mr. Kent Jensen who are both are well-experienced nurses, to COMPASS Training Center, Inc. to conduct the said course.

Basically, the Danish Medical Course is a mandatory training requirement for all Master and/or designated medical officer who will be boarding Danish flag vessels. This Danish legislation was already enforced during the 90’s but it was only the Danish nationals who are complying with this mandate because Denmark’s maritime industry that time, especially those who are in the Management Level, is not open to employ foreign nationals.  It was only in the recent years that the Danish maritime industry accepts foreign Management Level Officers in their vessels, thus the need for the course to be offered here in the Philippines.

As compared to the STCW Medical Care course, the Danish Medical Care is a five (5) whole day course that is conducted only by authorized medical practitioners of the DMA.  The course is more specific to Danish flag regulations and is very strict and high in standard.  However, the content of this course could also be useful to other non-Danish flag vessels that require more advanced medical care training for their officers on board.  Some of the topics that will be discussed in the course is the prevention, examination and Malaria treatment, teeth examination and treatment, medicine handling, intravenous needle and drip, how to deal with mental crises and illness, and a lot more.   The number of trainees for this course is limited only to eight (8) participants to allow each trainee to have a practical experience on the equipment they will be using during their training. After the successful completion of the said course, certification will be provided by the DMA.  In addition, Danish Medical Care is offered only in three (3) countries, Denmark, India and here in the Philippines, at COMPASS Training Centre, Inc. 

During the last day of training of the Danish MECA pilot class, COMPASS President, Mr. Dakila P. Villanueva expressed his happiness in being able to bring Danish MECA for the first time in the Philippines.  He said that, “After being the first and only TOTS provider in the Philippines, now comes Danish MECA here. It is a testament to the kind of commitment we have as a maritime training centre, in bringing quality training here in our country for seafarers, Filipino or foreigners to avail”.

For any inquiries regarding the schedule and course fee for this course, you may contact our Sales and Marketing Department at telephone numbers (632) 536 2368, (632) 528 1035, (632) 450 0138 or you may also email us at

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